About Us

In the future, we’ll have a technology-driven connection to physical spaces. In a retail store, we’ll be able to easily find out additional product information and about related products, just like we can online. In an airport or shopping mall, we’ll have clear wayfinding and suggestions, specific to our needs.

This is a shift that will occur with the introduction of wearable AR technology. Eventually, it’ll be expected that every major retail space and campus will have these types of integrations. They’ll become “hyper-spaces”, able to eliminate typical friction points, and enhance the visitor experience.

This is the future that Dent Reality is building.

Dent Reality has been leading in AR innovation and user experience for two years, developing the core technologies which power location-based AR experiences. Our ability to solve the technical challenges and user experience challenges involved with AR, has enabled us to create world-class experiences, and to inspire millions of people with our work. Our innovations and expertise in the field have seen us featured on TechCrunch and Mashable, as well as influencing the directions of major tech companies.

We’re a growing startup based in London. We’re always looking to work with talented people. Say hello - hello@DentReality.com.



Andrew Hart

Co-Founder & CEO

Approaching a decade of Product Development experience, Andrew pioneered location-based AR, and developed the most popular ARKit library on GitHub, enabling AR navigation for the first time.


Ben Rosenbaum

Head of Strategy and Business Development

Ben studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University. He has growth and market research experience across multiple sectors, most recently as Senior Strategy manager at Cancer Research UK.