Dent Reality

The digital layer for the physical world

Augmented Reality will take technology beyond the screen, and enable a much richer real-world experience. Across every aspect of our daily lives, this new technology will make it possible to pull up overlays of information on anything we’re curious about, and will be useful in all sorts of ways.

Our AR platform brings this into physical locations, enabling every business to serve their customers on a one-to-one basis, with guidance and information to supercharge their experience.

To achieve this, our team of experts has developed innovative technology across three key areas - rapid, scalable indoor mapping; precise indoor positioning technology; and a user interface centred around people not AR gimmicks.

Based in London, we’re a rapidly growing team who have spent years building world-leading mapping, positioning and AR products. We're supported by some of the most prominent investors in technology and retail including the ex-CTOs of Macy’s, Sainsbury’s and Tumblr; the founder of Indeed Jobs; and the first VC fund to invest in Oculus VR.

And we're only just getting started.

Feel free to say hello - or check us out on @DentReality on Twitter


Andrew Hart CEO

Andrew Hart

Co-founder and CEO

Location-based AR pioneer. Built the most popular project for Apple’s AR platform (4k+ ☆ on GitHub), enabling any developer to build world-scale AR apps.