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grocery store experience.
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Increase the value of every shopper

Our Augmented Reality in-store platform powers personal, guided experiences for shoppers helping them find and discover products they love every time they shop

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Groundbreaking AR Navigation

Give your customers control by allowing them to build their own shopping list and then navigate straight to each item using turn by turn directions.

Independent shoppers free up resources

By giving your shoppers the ability to find and discover products seamlessly, you can encourage a safe, contact free, environment where staff can spend more of their valuable time on replenishing product.

Example of navigating through a store.
Example of product suggestions.

The right recommendations at the right time

For the first time, our technology allows you to surface relevant products based on a shoppers intent, purchase history and in-store location.

An in-store view of your customers

Capture real, actionable data on customers in-store shopping habits

Customer insights and data.
Recipe and discovery features.

Drive sales through inspiration

Give your shoppers recipe ideas, allowing them to seamlessly add products to their shopping list before showing them the most efficient route to each product

The Future. At Scale.

No hardware to install. No hardware to maintain. Our technology uses existing in-store infrastructure leading to low costs and incredible scalability.

Dent Reality at the center of the in-store experience.

We’re working with the world’s biggest retailers to deliver the future of retail.

Our groundbreaking technology finally gives retailers the ability to bring the benefits of online shopping to the $22tn brick and mortar retail market.

With no additional infrastructure requirements, fast onboarding and a truly revolutionary experience apply below to join the world’s biggest retailers in our development partner programme.

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